About us

Soho is one of the most iconic areas of London.
Known for music, fashion, entertainment, fine dining and much more.
We decided it was time to celebrate some great places, past and present, from Soho's amazing history...

Our Artists

Robert Edward Murdoch

I'm an illustrator and artist. I love creating advertising work, fine art and illustrations.

Lauren Newton

I'm a Graphic Designer and Print maker.  I love creating pop culture inspired designs and graphical prints.

Clare Vacha

I'm an illustrator / graphic designer. I love creating fun illustrations for prints and stationery.

Tiziano Bagnato

I'm a graphic / web designer. I love understanding what the clients need and help them to bring their ideas to life.

Artist Submissions

We are always happy to consider new artists, illustrators and photographers.
If you have any interesting works based on SOHO, then feel free to get in touch.
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